How it works

Your Current Business Network

You already have a favorite group of professionals that you currently work with so ask them to team up with you online.

Get Online Professional Endorsements

Then build up your online partnerships and get endorsements from your business network!

Increasing your Referral Base

Finally, see your business grow because professional endorsements translate into integrity & trust that customers LOVE.

Advantages and Features

Engage With your Business Partners

Instead of connecting with hundreds of business associates form a network of your most trusted business partners who support and endorse your skills and business. Team up!

Promote Your Business Partner Ads

My Business Endorsements helps you promote your favorite business partners so that each of you can promote your ads on each other’s websites. Also learn to engage with other business partners that want to collaborate with you!

Show off all your endorsements

My Business Endorsements helps you show off all your ENDORSEMENTS from your business partners. In today’s world all customers use technology to find you and are looking for a reason to believe in you!


Track all your business partners easily and find out who are the ones helping you succeed— and there's nothing to install.

Monitor how many hits you are receiving to your company website or webpage and advertisement.

Favorite your best Business Partners for the whole world to see.

Stay informed with Dashboard Statistics.

Improve productivity for you with integrated email, easy collaboration, and streamlined processes.

Automate business relationships by following up, building relationships, and getting more endorsements.

Business Partner Endorsements

Customer Endorsements